Roni Gilboa Workshops

Roni Gilboa workshops

30 hour Training with Roni Gilboa

Roni is a guest teacher visiting all the way from Jerusalem, Israel. Some of us met Roni in Thailand at Pichet’s in 2018, and ran into her again in 2023. It seems like time to host her, so we made it happen!

Join us in Minneapolis this summer for a meaningful workshop that can change the way you practice Thai Massage and Bodywork!

Dates: Monday-Friday, June 24-28, 2024
Time: 9-4pm daily w/1hr lunch
Cost: $595 ($695 after April 24, 2024)
Location: Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness – 4401 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410
Payment Plan: If you need a different payment structure other than paying in full, please contact us with your plan to see if we can make it work.

Save $100 if you enroll by April 24, 2024
Please read our Cancellation Policy below before registering



From “Fight of Flight” to “Rest and Digest” – Touch Therapy techniques for working with trauma.

Modern life can be extremely stressful, challenging and demanding.
This affects our health, our well-being and our state of mind. We may feel stress and anxiety manifestations in various ways:

  • through aches and pains
  • difficulty sleeping a meaningful night’s sleep
  • troubles with our digestive system
  • being anxious and worried
  • fatigue and depleted resources

Stress, anxiety and trauma may affect our relationships with family and friends, our work environment and our health and immune system, as we struggle to survive and endure the tests that life presents us and recycle and re-source the energy of trauma.

Meet the psoas and vagus. Our physical tools for living in the 21st century.

Scientists and medical professionals call stress one of the silent killers of our times. Finding ways to deal with and contain the challenges of modern living is becoming ever more important in our quest to improve our health and our well-being.

In this workshop we will learn and understand the physical manifestation of trauma, we will meet the Psoas (muscle of the soul) and Vagus (nerve of well-being), experiment with connective tissue touch therapies and explore various ways and options of applying traditional Thai massage, Shiatsu and other techniques to work with these sometimes-un-tapped gifts that we have in our bodies. We will learn how to relax and release the Psoas and improve its range of movement, how to stimulate the Vagus nerve and work on its tonal elasticity. We will Dance, practice self-care, Qi-Gong, have hands-on practice session and hone our massage tools to help our clients to move from “Fight or Flight” to “Rest and Digest.”


Other Details

roni gilboa workshops


Massage Therapists and LMTs, Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapists, or anyone seeking to support your Thai healing tradition. Register now!

What to bring:

  • Thai Massage futon
  • sheets
  • pillow
  • any other props you like to use


  • Please read our Cancellation Policy before registering.
  • Please also bring a notebook and pen.
  • Lunch break is 1 hour. There are many local restaurants nearby, or bring a lunch as we have a kitchen on-site.

roni gilboa workshops

Suggested Reading:

  • The Body Keeps Score by Bessel Van Der Volk (actually any of his publications)
  • The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges
  • And some basic anatomy, i.e. Psoas and Vagus, just anything you can find
  • Another highly recommend writer and teacher is Liz Koch and her books about Psoas and Core Awareness But you can also come with you own experience and knowledge and we will discuss all we need in class.

Cancellation Policies

No refunds. This training requires 2 weeks notice of cancellation by phone or email. You will receive a studio credit, less $100 cancellation fee per registration. If cancel within 2 weeks, your payment is forfeited, and no studio credit will be given. No shows will receive no credit.


Program Teachers

roni gilboa

Roni Gilboa

Thai Massage & Shiatsu Therapist