Consistent attendance reinforces learning, and allows growth as a group with one teacher, as the teacher can take the students farther and deeper over time. This also develops consistency and discipline – both are needed according to the sages and yogic scriptures for success in yoga. We believe this is the best way to embody yoga. When possible, please register in advance as many of our events have supporting material to send out, as well as ZOOM links.

Upcoming Yoga Series & Workshops

Yoga Classes

We have a variety of renters affiliated with Devanadi Yoga using our sacred space for their own yoga classes. To learn more about schedule, pricing, or sign up for a class, please click the teacher’s name to contact the teacher directly, unless noted.

Class Levels


Introduction for beginning students or students coming back from a hiatus from yoga. Learn the basic poses, alignment plus stretching and strengthening to achieve balance.

Ends with mindful breathing and basic meditation.


Mixed levels/ Intermediate
For students familiar with the basic poses, knows when to take a break, and is working on balancing the breath throughout practice. Wider range of poses including intermediate standing poses, beginning inversions, backbends, forward bends and twists.

Learn how to bring the benefits of yoga into your daily life including meditation.


Intermediate to Advanced
For students who have taken Intermediate classes for at least one year. In addition to refining familiar poses, variations of the inversions and more challenging backbends and twists will be explored.

As understanding of the poses deepens, the inner experience reveals itself.