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Spring Break & Spring Cleaning

Hello from the ocean… It’s Spring Break, and I’m in Daytona Beach with my son for the week (thanks Sri Sri Glenny G!). YESTERDAY I slept in today for the first time in awhile (lovely!), but today woke with the sunrise and did my yoga and meditation practice, stir-fried up some AM veggies for breakfast, and am about to go for a run on the beach (after I finish this email to YOU!). It’s SPRING and not only is it Kapha season officially, but it’s also time to detox from the long, cold winter and move our bodies! Plus vigorous exercise isn’t a bad way to help clear up the BUZZ about all the recent news events, as well. Keep sending the light, yogis! Clarity is coming!

I’m also very excited to let you know of some new offerings coming up. Nina Roberts Salveson and I are leading our Yoga, Hiking & Women’s Empowerment Adventure this June in CO. I’ll also be starting my new Monday 9:30am 8 Week Workshop Series on the 8 Siddhis of the Heart. PLUS Indu Arora, Chanti Tacoronte-Perez and I are leading a Women’s Summer Shakti Goddess Retreat in Aug. And yes, our SPRING Women’s 235hr Yoga Teacher Training is running and still open for registration – 5 spots left!. Chanti and I are SO excited to lead this group to honor the Divine Feminine in our hearts, minds and bodies. Reach out if you are interested in joining us!

Kapha Season if Officially Here – Get Balanced!

Kapha is the Ayurvedic constitution that is the combo of the Earth (prithvi) and Water (apas) elements. In SPRING, these elements rise up and have the tendency to accumulate more now than other times of the year. In our body, we might develop seasonal allergies, a spring cold with heavy mucus, lethargy, dullness, not wanting to get out of bed at sunrise (this is also due to the recent “spring ahead” time change), pessimism, and a dark mood.
The antidote to help keep Kapha balanced is to:
– KEEP MOVING – walk, hike, dance, play, run, swim, etc.
– do more vigorous yoga than other times of the year
– eat your greens to detox your liver – dandelion greens especially!
– avoid dairy (causes mucus in many)
– get up before the sunrise to boost your energy
– do kapalabhati to open your mind and dry out your lungs
– have the intention to practice Viveka – discernment – and stay positive!
– join a Spring Cleanse for support (Chanti and I will lead one May 1-5 – details coming soon!)

To stay positive, I’m reminded from the our recent weekend hosting Yogarupa Rod Stryker where we were reminded of the teachings of Sri Vidya share that:

– Life is a Gift
– Life is Beautiful
– I am part of the Divine

Remember… no one can do the work of yoga for you. Here’s a gentle… wait, no!… Spring Kick in the Booty… reminder to KEEP MOVING. KEEP WALKING. Let the practice of yoga and meditation REVEAL these teachings to you. Let us all have the strength, courage and capacity to PRACTICE so that we never have to tumble in the darkness again.