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It’s SummerTime!

Is it getting HOT in here??!! Like many of you, the recent political news about the negation of climate change makes my blood boil… and now that we’re in June, this topic is just going to get hotter – mentally, emotionally and physically. However, as a Yogini, I MUST stop and reflect upon what friction I feel in my being, and see it for what it really is. I’m less of one to speak from that place from unrest, and would rather chew on it for awhile and see what it reveals in me for insight, for growth and for understanding. As I hear now about cities and countries coming together to make a difference outside of politics, I’m reminded that the constant effort at the local level is often what brings about the most significant change. It starts with me. How can I be upset about a global issue and the politics around it if I don’t do my part?
For me, the debate about the climate and how we negotiate the future is about power and resources. Who owns what? What are the rules? Who has to follow them and why, etc. I was reading from a TT student’s Yama/ Niyama reflection yesterday about Asteya – the Ethical Rule ( Yama) about non-stealing. To be clear, a Yama is something we aim to control in our lives so that our Yoga may take root. Following this rule reduces Dukkha(suffering), and allows that outward directed energy to be channeled towards higher purposes. Here’s a little of her reflection I feel compelled to share with you to inspire all of us to act with integrity around the topic of climate change – whether you believe in it or not isn’t really the question here… It’s more about resources… am I taking MORE than I need? Am I taking from others? Why am I taking in the first place??
“Asteya. Non-stealing. Do I steal? Do I deny my own or others’ sovereignty to the lives we are living?  When I am late, disorganized, distracted, I steal time from those I love.  When I buy things and have no plan for their disposal, I steal health from the earth. When I withhold appreciation of someone/thing, I deprive myself of the celebration of their full expression. I contract, and my world becomes defended. I can begin to cling to my biases, hearing only my own voice, stealing from the growth of my soul and from the future of our children.
Deborah Adele says “Asteya calls us to live with integrity and reciprocity.” So. Non-stealing becomes, for me, taking responsibility for my own story and listening more and more deeply to the stories within All My Relations.”
So let’s commit to that at least… personal responsibility for our use of our resources, honoring each other, and staying open. Let’s do our part.
And yes, Hooray! Summer is here, and we are in the thick of prepping for all types of great trainings, retreats and other events (see below for a TEASER about CLASSES!) coming to Devanadi. We are so supportive of YOUR growth, and aim to do our part as teachers and practitioners of these Sacred Rivers of Wisdom that help to bring us back to home, to remind us of our unbreakable spirit, to open our hearts and minds to understanding, courage and patience.