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A Year to Grow

Feeling uncomfortable? Feeling edgy? Feeling MN? Ok, ok…. If you haven’t already felt it coming (who hasn’t!) today is the FULL MOON & LUNAR ECLIPSE! I am inspired by the wise sage-woman, Sarah Varcas, and her monthly Lunar posts for insight. Here’s a couple goodies from her latest post on
“…This lunar event reminds us that we are our own destiny, even as life takes us forever by surprise…”
“This lunar eclipse in Leo reminds us that the now is also eternity and history combined: an alchemical blend of past, present and future, distilled into a micro-second of existence in which we have the power to act, choose and become.”
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2017 – A Year to Grow & the Start of a New 7 Year Cycle

Tennis, Anyone? I’ve said for YEARS that I knew I’d be in balance if I had time to join a tennis league. Mission accomplished! Love, set, match!
So many of you know that I’ve been a sort of “sabbatical” from planning and doing, to rest, recover and revision that last 7 years of my life since launching Devanadi as my own school. I made a commitment to myself earlier in 2016 to not plan anything on my calendar until several other things in my life were complete. I’ve learned to really trust in my DHI, or inner voice, over the years, and sitting in that uncomfortable, yet potent, place on uncertainty isn’t for everyone. I, like many of you, like to know what’s next and feel safer knowing that the ball is in motion. However, regardless of whether I liked it or not, I felt that this time “off” was mandatory not only for my health and family, but also to hear the call of what’s needed in the world to help hold the space for light and how to help channel that light into the world with faith. The result was what I was looking for: Purpose, Clarity, Renewed Vigor and Inspiration.
Thus, this time “in my cave” allowed me to see the beauty that Devanadi has created in the world the last 7 years. Our programs and events have reached hundreds of people, that in turn are reaching thousands. I am so grateful for all of YOU who have walked through our doors! I also accepted that this is a time of great uncertainty in the world, and more and more people are waking up to the fact that “white-knuckling it” won’t work. Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care and Sangha are more important than ever. With this in my heart, I’ve made some revisions to our current 235 & 340hr Yoga Teacher Trainings & Intensives to help usher in more support, peace and mastery for our students with more mentorship, cohesive scheduling, master teachers (YOGINI DREAM TEAM!) and a CALL TO ACTION TO HELP SERVE MORE WOMEN. I’ll be sharing my insights on all this in the coming weeks and months. But in the meantime, please visit our webpagesfor our upcoming 2017 TTs to learn more, or see below.
I’m still in my cave, and in fact, I’ll be going deeper. I’m committed more than ever to help spread the teachings of positivity, wisdom, healing and self-mastery. But if I’m not grounded and clear, what’s the point? SWAHA!